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 Valentines Day!

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PostSubject: Valentines Day!   February 14th 2012, 15:34

Does anyone do anything special family wise or with your significant other to celebrate Valentines Day?

Usually my DH and I don't celebrate it. He calls Valentines Day and Sweetest Day "Hallmark" holidays and says he loves me every day of the year (and says it every day) and so doesn't need a special day to celebrate it. Even after 14 years! But really it doesn't bother me because personally I am not a big fan of chocolate or flowers. I would rather spend that money on scrapbook supplies!!

~*~ Sherrie ~*~
Any day that I get to do some crafting is a GREAT day

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Art Luver

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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Day!   February 14th 2012, 21:31

We usually have a fun dinner at home with the kids. They love it because I actually make dessert and let them eat by candlelight.
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Permanent Marker

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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Day!   February 14th 2012, 22:17

Aww, Becki, that sounds so fun for the kids!

Yea, Sherrie, i somewhat feel that it's just an over commercialized day. We usually go out to eat, but DH worked tonight and since my Birthday is this week too, we usually just celebrate that. Although, I'm to the point where I don't really feel like celebrating the Birthdays either, lol!
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Sheri Twing
Creative Designer

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Location : Nashville TN

PostSubject: Re: Valentines Day!   February 16th 2012, 10:49

We don't put too much pressure on ourselves to do something specifically on Valentines Day. Not that I don't like it, it just seems crazy to me to HAVE to do all that just because it is Valentines Day. Although I love the day and the red and pink hearts...love it.

I had to work in the evening so during the day we just went to the mall and hubby bought me some new charms for my bracelet, then we had a nice lunch. It was an enjoyable day and we had a great time. That's all that matters!
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ellen s
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Location : pa

PostSubject: Re: Valentines Day!   February 20th 2012, 20:21

We don't really do much either. Brian surprised me with some jewelry though! He is sweet like that!

Owen has basketball that night so it was rush rush rush. We went out to dinner this weekend which was nice, too.

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Art Luver

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Location : Colorado

PostSubject: Re: Valentines Day!   February 21st 2012, 00:27

we tend to make it more of a kid day-we make cupcakes, get heart-shaped balloons for each of the kids, eat heart-shaped pizza for supper, and have a few little presents for the kids.

although, hubby did show up at home with more balloons and licorice for the kids, a HUGE balloon bouquet for me, a gerbera daisy plant, and new Starbucks mugs for both of us, which was pretty amazing.

my daughter and I decorated a mailbox, and filled it with fun things for the hubby (m&ms, Lowe's gc, etc.)

We have had a crummy month with everyone being sick constantly, so it was nice to just have a fun day to celebrate-hence the over-the-topness. Smile
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Creative Mess

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Location : Findlay. ohio

PostSubject: Re: Valentines Day!   February 21st 2012, 08:06

when our kids were little i included them in a Valentine's day gifts--now the youngest is 15 and Valentine's is for dh and I. Daughter (Julie) is 18 and her guy (he's 23 and has a real degree and job already) sent her roses and love notes--so sweet--she was thrilled--it was the first time a guy did that for her.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Day!   

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Valentines Day!
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